Sunday, 28 February 2010


The first battle of the NEW Secret Wars EUROLEAGUE went down a storm....

Team Amsterdam (Mr K, Chaz, Wayne Horse) brought the party from the off with a booze fueled day of antics including pulling the light shades off the ceiling during mid battle.

Team London (Mr Gauky, Wen, Alfa) came with a plan and executed this with serious precision - There piece titled "Secret Whores" was based on 3 red light district windows, each containing a direct dig at each of dam artists trademark characters.

The crowd were bouncing off the walls all night with great art and banging music from dj session and element!

London went onto win 3-0 with votes by both judges from Mr Casio UK and Paul from Idea Generation + the crowd vote.

Pics by Jaysus

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Cardiff vs. Hamburg

Yo, first of all, thank you guys for the great time!

The evening, Cardiff and the people were pretty cool! And the DJ playing the good old hip hop shit – wow!

Was hard to concentrate on the walls by all the methodman, ghostface killah, premo beats etc. BIG up!

Actually we lost 3:0 in Cardiff.

Cardiff brought a very nice piece on the wall! Very sick clowns and you can see the harmony between the 3 artists working in this picture, nice!

You guys definitely met before to compass this piece out – but we still try to get the deeper meaning out of it...

In our piece we („koolski“, „anus one“, and „cuuck vom meer“) went as characters over the sea to Cardiff to fight the welsh dragon.

Actually not to o difficult to see but for the judges.

Anyway, it was a great night and we will see you guys in hamburg to rock again!

Monday, 22 February 2010


Writing this blog with a sore head from excess £2 Stella bottles, still last nights battle went of with a bang. Big shouts go out to team Hamburg (Anus One + Crew!) they came out fighting with some really dope styles, including illustrations of the Cardiff team. But team Cardiff had all guns blazing from the start. With strong lines and 3 very intimidating circus characters all integrated to form a great piece that flowed well and won the day.

Many thanks to Ruffstylz, DJ Jaffa and Double C, plus Terry from Monorex for a Wetherspoons dinner!

Sponsors on the night, EDDING, REEBOK, FLIP VIDEO.

More photos to come!

Monday, 8 February 2010

Yo, last to come is team Hamburg.

Buzz and me (Yves) are hosting secret wars Hamburg, and it´s our first time taking part of secret wars, actually for our 6 artists too.

Buzz is an awesome Dj, running his new blog:

Myself created a streetart/streetwear/music label and we both like to snuffle and hang around in the streetart scene...

First to come is our artist „Cuuk vom Meer“:

Cuuck vom Meer comes from the impenetrable thicket of east-german ignorance. His matchless style is affected by an unoriented drifting between all sorts of things, which is a big advance: nobody - including himself - knows, what vile move he is going to make next on the image area. Check out
for more stuff.

Further we got “Ceyhun”:

Ceyhun studies illustration and graphik design in hamburg. He is engaged to the artistgroup VONZO

Than we have the „Rebelzer“:

“Born in 1977, and started (street)art in 1995. Being an artist, means for me, that I like to draw my own stuff, like my freaks. I love to work with different materials, and figure out same different techniques on different undergrounds. I like to meet other artists around the globe, and doing same projects together.”

Than we got “KOOLSKI”:

KOOLSKI never chose to paint - painting chose him. He was actually looking for the casting of "Germany's Next Topmodel", when he came across the secret wars show. Now he's repesenting his hometown Hamburg with breathtaking curves.

Than there is “Anus one”:

I can´t tell so much about Anus, actually I´m still waiting for his text, but as far as I know he´s in the graffiti game since he was 15 years old. More than half of his life so. He is very special in his character artworks and nowadays he is also tattooing. Check for more pictures/artworks.

Also we got “QHTA” in the team:

Actually his participation at the secret wars hamburg qualifying event was 100% accidental, from a viewer to an entrant. An artist cancelled his attendance just a couple of minutes before the qualifying started. That´s why we asked the audience for an artist. QHTA is a 28 years old certified mechanical technician who´s in love with the simple monochrome drawing and painting. We are very glad that he stepped up to be part of the game!

Team Hamburg is ready to rock and booze with you all!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Cardiff Team

Introducing the Cardiff Squad!

Please take a quick look at the best artistic talent from South Wales competing in the 2010 euro League.

Chris Allen


Dom W










Let battle commence!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Team Amsterdam!

Ok so heres a quick peak at team Amsterdam the most chilled and welcoming of there group! But dont let that fool you.........introducing

Mr K

Wayne Horse

Sjoco Sjon


Via Via

and lastly Chaz from The London Police