Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Oh my god, what happened in hamburg???
The XXX team came, smoked, drunk and kicked our ass with a 2:1

hmmm, what should I say, took me 2 weeks even to write about it ;)

anyway, it was a great night! there was lots of vodka in the house and I guess everybody was drunk.

Just check the two pieces out and I can still tell you, it´s really fun to hang out with the amsterdam guys!

Next battle on the 18th in london - see you all there!

Piece Hamburg

Piece Amsterdam

Some more impressions:

Monday, 10 May 2010


A little update on the slowest wall we have ever done!

CHU and Discoteck added their magic to the top and are now on the home stretch.... One more artist to come and then walla! One sick Secret Wars wall.

Photo by CHU

Sunday, 9 May 2010

hello, took again some time, but here we go...

hamburg went to amsterdam for the up in smoke tour 2010.

it was quiet a long journey but finally we arived in XXX-city with sunshine reggae.

We stayed o.k in the stayokay hostel and went to the really nice venue called "sid lee gallery."

Mr. K picked us up, and it took us seconds to realise, that the battle and the night would be pure fun!
At the venue we met wayne horse, chaz and other people and all of them were just cool and relaxed - we just felt soooo good - and it was not only because of the drugs ;)

Before we started we brought those guys some j├Ągermeister bottles to remind them for the battle they had against london.

So the battle started and two very nice pieces were the result.
The story/concept of the amsterdam piece was just drawn so noice! wow!

Our team painted a reminder for the tripple X guys not to drink and draw, so the j├Ągermeister deer throwed the artists up.

Amsterdam won 2:1 but HAMBURG got the CROWD VOTE! that was fuckin´amazing - the whole trip and time in amsterdam was off the hook!
thanks again to all the artists, the crowd, the venue for the great time!
We see you guys on thursday in hamburg, and we are ready to booze with ya´ll!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Travel Club - London 2 Cardiff... England needs to bring the noise!


After the humiliating loss to Cardiff on home soil last week - it has put us (TEAM LONDON) in a delicate position in the league.

To have any chance of qualifying we have to now travel deep into the welsh valleys and some how grab a victory.

This can be done and London have done it before....

So to boost our chances we have booked a luxury coach for 50 people to travel alongside team LDN...We need really loud people with big voices so we can win that all important crowd vote!!

These seats will be first come first serve - and you will need to pay upfront via Paypal (details will be emailed to you once your seat is confirmed).

--------MAY 30TH
Departs London (Secret Wars HQ) @ 4;15PM
Arrives back in London around 5AM

We are selling the seats really cheap - £10

The coach has a toilet and DVD screens, we will be screening some good movies on route (Warriors, and more)...

If you would like a seat than email: TRAVELCLUB@SECRETWARSEUROLEAGUE.COM

state your full name / contact details / and how many you want