Wednesday, 21 April 2010


London 1 - Cardiff 2

Our biggest battle yet and our best result if not the biggest upset in this years Secret Wars so far!
The Cardiff team caught the mega bus with little sleep and enjoyed shots of Corky's to get in the battle spirit. With the Welsh flag held high we arrived in London and headed over to Monorex HQ for beers on the roof terrace. After a hearty mixed Kebab (Terry's restaurant choice is always spot on) we prepared for the battle ( more beers and a good power nap). Just after 8pm our lively group of Welsh supporters met us in the Book Club and started to get hyped up for the competition ahead. Cardiff where up against a strong team including former Secret Wars Champ Tek One. As the battle get under way I decided to enjoy the Secret Wars VIP buffet to calm my nerves, and avoid the Champagne being sprayed on me by Cardiff head Matty Fresh.

Team London came with great piece full of strong clean lines and a nice depiction of Tom Jones with staples in his scalp. But Team Cardiff countered with a strong political theme showing Welsh Miners booting Maggie out of the mines with the slogan 'Coal not Dole' With the battle over the 1st judge voted London, then the crowd yelped extra loud for the Welsh leaving the last judge vote to the decide the winner. As turned his voting board to reveal CARDIFF the crowd went off. Another great nights entertainment, thanks to Terry and the Monorex crew for putting us up. See you all in Cardiff for the grudge match!














Not really to sure what to say, even after 5-6 days since the event me and the London guys are still shell shocked that this could happen..... WOW

Before I go any further, I need to congratulate the Cardiff team and supporters for bringing the heat and making the party pop... It was a great night asides from the result ;)

The evening started so well, hundreds of people came through the door earlier than ever before... cameras, Flips and mics were everywhere - The press were out in force, hungry for a story!

All the artists were ready and pumped for the event - The London guys started well and drew real slickly with clean cut (trademark) lines, while the Welsh threw the black straight up and worked a lot slower...

After 35mins Team London looked nearly finished and kind of shot themselves in the foot as our team captain Discoteck decided to go relax at the bar ?!?!?! Not the right action and example a captain should be setting for his team or the crowd..

Cardiff carried on working hard for there points and lost a few pounds sweating in front of the hot lamps that sit right behind them on the floor.

90mins were up and both walls looked amazing - two very different approaches in style and design - London came with the usual clear, bold line (using the edding special marker) and strong punch line while Cardiff used the mini roller a lot more and chiseled out some inverted characters and Maggie Thatcher riding a miners cart.

CARDIFF - Maggie Thatcher closing down the mines

LONDON - Tom Jones inspired piece

Jimi Crayon back on the mic for the first time since last years London Grand Final was in fine form and he introduced the first judge (Kieran, MTV) who came up on stage looking a little nervous and quickly voted for London....

The came the shock of the century as Cardiff went on to win the crowd vote to make it 1-1 - I was standing behind the decks and could not believe it when 80% of the crowd came out of the closet and voted for Wales over London... shocking and something that still gives me nightmares a week on...

Final Judge vote came down to Anil from Flip Video (our sponsors), he is born and bred in England and came up to the stage smiling with confidence.... And then after a few seconds of though I heard him whisper to himself "oh no I am going to get lynched"... BAM he lifted his arm and there it was CARDIFF in huge letters.... The basement bar went crazy and I literally needed 4-5 cuddles to get over such a defeat that could possible send London out of the EUROLEAGUE...

In response to this result, we are now going to lay on a coach from London to Cardiff for next months return battle on the 30th May

Until next time

Monday, 5 April 2010

Hamburg vs. London

Good things just need longer, and finally here comes the review of an incredible evening!
This battle was off da hook, the venue exploded, so we had to close doors after 30 minutes...

Team London and fans came by this oldschool Casio / G-Shock bus and parked in front of the venue. We used the bus as the VIP and booze area, but no rock´n roll smash window action, nobody wanted to get in trouble with this guy ;)
So before the battle started, "Reeps One" gave us a short insight of his awesome beat box skills. We can tell you, Hamburg was blasted away even before the artists started with their artwork! Unbelievable!
So, the crowd was already exploding when we started the battle! Countdown runs, two more to count!
Everybody was really excited what London will bring on the wall, after that nice dizz against Amsterdam - LOL!
Some more impressions...

Finally time was up...
Team London piece:
Team Hamburg piece:
First Judge: One point Hamburg!
Crowd: Second point Hamburg!
Second Judge: First point London!
Hamburg WON 2:1 cheeeeeers!
Thanks again to everyone for this great evening - it was amazing!

Friday, 2 April 2010

A great battle, a great night out and a lot of fun had by our boys representing Cardiff in Amsterdam.

We managed to consume Heineken, weed and enjoy the sights of the red light district, all before we met our host Mr K (Joe) and took to the white walls of the Sid Lee gallery to battle. The venue was busy and we where showered with free booze tokens as the drawing began. Our boys (Chris Allen, Mcintyre and Rarebit came through with a really strong piece depicting the Amsterdam team getting attacked by Aliens on Secret Wars 3D. Amsterdam won the night with a strong group effort consisting of a robot ripping out the heart of a Dragon (It seems to be a running theme every time we battle we are faced with a daffodil, dragon or maybe Tom Jones) served up on a BBQ as the special of the day. Great attention to detail and full use of the board. Many thanks an congratulations to our dutch hosts.


Battle Plan